1,000 EV Charging Stations Are Coming to TravelCenters of America

TA Travel Centers installing EV Charging stations.

For anyone that has been on a road trip, you are likely familar with the TA branded truck and car centers that offer everything from sodas to showers. Now they are offering something else, EV charging stations. TravelCenters of America is just the latest company to jump into the EV charging space.

"The goal is to install approximately 1,000 individual chargers (with an output of up to 350 kilowatts) at 200 locations along major highways over five years."

So now we have BP, Shell, Porsche, Mercedes, and others are jumping into the EV charging market. Meanwhile, GM has the goal of placing 40,000 level 2 chargers in total at its dealerships. Level 2? I guess they are banking on you hanging around and buying a car while you charge. I don't know about you but usually the first thing I want to do at a dealership is leave as quickly as I can....

“Our dealers are deeply involved and trusted in their communities and are well positioned to determine locations that expand access to EV charging, including at small businesses, entertainment venues, schools, and other popular destinations,” said Hoss Hassani, vice president of GM EV Ecosystem. 

What I want to know, is how are they going to deal with the electricity costs and high demand usage rates? I would expect the next wave of investment to be in the electrical storage space


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