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What is 5G? 5G is the Fifth Generation mobile network which comes after 4G, 3G and so on.

This next generation wireless technology provides unmatched data speeds, greater network capacity, ultra-low latency, and higher reliability and in many cases could replace traditional internet wifi for some people. The technology supports the interoperability of smart devices since they can reliably connect and interact with online services.

The rollout of 5G began in the most populous cities and it is working its way to the more rural areas where coverage is expected to be available in most locations by 2025. If your phone is 5G capable and you are in an area that supports 5G, the benefits hopefully are fairly obvious over the 4G LTE standard.

The pros far outweigh the cons for 5G but there were some concerns about aviation safety and the technology. The frequency used is fairly close to those used by radio altimeters that could potentially interfere with its function when at low altitudes during low visibility landings but this was largely limited to only some aircraft and not those typically flown commercially in the United States. 

To be extra cautious, the FAA has special considerations for 5G placement in and around airports. Some of these include lower power levels, antennas adjusted to reduce potential interference to flights, different placement of antennas relative to airfields, and frequencies with a different proximity to frequencies used by aviation equipment 

If your service is great and you are somewhere in the southern or central US, Phase 1 might have played a role in it. We are a national provider for zoning, permitting, site placements and leasing services for some of the largest carriers in the United States. 

How far along is the 5G rollout? This site provides an interactive map and data that shows the current status of the rollout worldwide: You can zoom in to see the estimated number of stations in a given area. 

If you have questions about doing a national rollout or any of our services, email us at or leave us a comment below. 


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