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Tesla EV Charger

Tesla announced a new program to allow charging of non-Tesla vehicles using a magic dock connector and other vehicles can officially start fueling up at Tesla Supercharger stations in the US. After the federal government announced new standards, Tesla waisted no time in moving forward. The company expects to enable charging at 3500 level 3 stations by 2024 and an additional 4,000 level 2 stations.

"Tesla has retrofitted select stations with a "Magic Dock," a CCS1 adapter that is placed on top of Tesla's NACS plug that enables non-Tesla EVs to charge at a maximum rate of 250 kW."

To charge at the stations, you will need the Tesla app to initiate and pay for charging. Tesla is among the companies financing the project, with a combination of private money and federal subsidies. 

In other news, the USPS is going electric. The US Postal Service is buying 9,250 Ford E-Transit battery-electric vehicles and 14,000 EV charging stations from three different suppliers as part of its plans to electrify a large portion of its mail delivery fleet.

The USPS had been behind the curve and had planned to stay mostly with gas powered vehicles resulting in 16 states suing for failing to consider environmental impacts of their plans. The USPS is now considering going 100% electric. 


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