EV Charging Cost Offset


As everyone knows, electricity is not free, or at least not usually but there are alternative options for EV charging that make a lot of sense and one of those is solar. Automotive dealerships are beginning to discover that this is indeed an option. 

Most dealerships have a fairly large footprint for panels. Think about those large showrooms and service centers, they have large roofs over them making them ideal for solar panels.

Does it make financial sense? The simple answer is yes. This is in part because there are so many incentives to go with solar. The Inflation Reduction Act does not just cover EV charging, it also provides for alternative energy sources like solar. There are a lot of federal dollars out there for those who want to go with solar.

The Investment Tax Credit that is part of the Inflation Reduction Act allows you to deduct 30% of the cost of your solar energy system.

There are also local incentive dollars available in many locations that also help offset the cost. In some cases, a dealership can have a negative net solar installation cost where they are essentially getting paid to install solar. 

There are also the tertiary benefits such as cleaning up the environment and contributing positively to the local there local communities with clean energy.

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