EV Charging Infrastructure - Where will the power come from?

EV Power Grid

With many state power grids already busting at the seams, where will all the power come from for an EV charging infrastructure?

Like him or not as the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk started a revolution with electric vehicles that appears to have no end in sight. As the shift from gas powered to electric powered vehicles takes hold, all of these vehicles require power off the grid to be charged. Now with billions of dollars of funding beginning to funnel into the EV charging infrastructure, all of the power has to come from somewhere. 

"A new report warns that EV charging along Northeast highways will require sports-stadium levels of grid power by 2030. Where are the plans to supply it?"

The power grid is one part of the equation that all this funding fails to address.

"By 2030, over a quarter of the 71 highway sites studied in the report will require more than 5 megawatts in charging capacity to meet peak charging demand, the report found — roughly equivalent to the power demand of an outdoor professional sports stadium."

Even though the majority of freeway corridors also follow high voltage grids, there is still significant cost for infrastructure to provide power to charging stations. Moreover, what happens in the places where it does not and who is going to pay for that additional infrastructure? Something for everyone to consider as many states move forward laws requiring all vehicles to be EV by 2035 and the number of electric vehicles significantly grows in other locations. 

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