Latest in Building Codes

Estimated Energy Improvement in Residential and Commercial Building Codes

Communities across the United States continue to promote changes in building codes that are focused on energy efficiency and decarbonization. 

"Gas stoves, heaters and dryers are a thing of the past for new buildings in Santa Monica. Two new building codes that went into effect at the start of this year require all newly built constructions within city limits to be all-electric and include an increased number of electric vehicle (EV) charging spaces as part of efforts to reduce the city’s carbon footprint."

The city is currently seeing high adoption rates of electric vehicles but it could be higher. According to Ariana Vito, ..."but we know that the biggest challenge typically when people are interested in switching to electric is not having somewhere to charge in their home or work,” she said. “So ensuring that new buildings have increased levels of charging infrastructure just makes it that much easier.”"

See any trends here? A couple of years has passed since chart was made but I imagine there has been even greater improvement.


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