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Building Codes

Building Codes, Permitting, Zoning

Exploring the Latest Changes and Updates in Building Codes Across the United States

Building codes serve as a cornerstone of safety, sustainability, and standardization in the construction industry. As our society evolves, so do the regulations that govern how we build our structures. In this blog post, we'll delve into the latest changes and updates in building codes across the United States, highlighting key shifts that impact construction practices and the overall built environment.

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Dallas Construction

Phase 1 Expands its Reach with a New Office in the Dallas Metroplex

Dallas, TX - In a move to further solidify its presence in the building permits, EV charging, and the construction consulting industry, Phase 1 Consulting, a leading provider of strategic business solutions, announced the opening of a new office in the vibrant Dallas metroplex. This expansion comes as part of the company's strategic growth plan and is aimed at better serving its clients in the region.

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Chicago Building Department

We Are Pleased to Announce Our Latest Hire, Ed Doherty


Chicago, IL - June 27, 2023 - After a distinguished career with the Chicago Building Department, Ed Doherty has announced his retirement, effective July 1st, 2023. Following his departure, Doherty will be joining Phase 1 Consulting, a leading advisory firm in the construction and development industry.

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Construction Stop Work Order

How To Avoid Stop Work Orders

Construction projects are complex and demanding, with a multitude of moving parts that must work together in order to achieve success. Unfortunately, one common obstacle that can derail a project is a stop work violation. This occurs when work on the project is halted due to a violation of safety or regulatory requirements. These violations can be costly, both in terms of time and money, so it is essential to take steps to avoid them. In this blog post, we will explore some strategies for avoiding stop work violations on construction projects.

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Earthquake damage

Chicago and Earthquakes

The stories coming out of Turkey are horrendous and are weighing on the hearts and minds of peopel around the world. The sad reality is that more stringent building codes, enforcement, and improved construction methods could have made a significant impact.

Amongst the failings include President Erdogan who personally oversaw an amnesty program that forgave poor construction practices. All of this has lead to a monumental disaster that has taken a massive toll on human lives. There are reasons for building codes and building code enforcement and it is not just about generating revenue, it is for the safety of our citizens. 

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