Most EV Charger Friendly Places In The US

EV Charging

Announcements are coming out almost every day about another company making an investment into EV charging.

As the US moves away from fossil fuels, it is creating a $60 billion dollar opportunity according to UBS and will grow to more than $207.5 billion by 2030. 


All of this begs the question, if I buy an electric vehicle, will I be able to charge it? Some of it depends on where you live.

If you live in St. Louis, you are probably going to have a tough time. Currently, the city only has 473 total chargers which sounds like a lot but it really is not, leaving a ratio of one charger per 5,787 residents. St Louis has the lowest ratio of EV chargers per resident of any metropolitan area in the United States. 

By comparison, San Francisco has 14,083 chargers with a ratio of one charger per 465 residents. The next most friendly EV charging city was San Diego with the top 5 locations all being in California. This is not surprising given the progressive climate in the state. 

However, there are some surprises when you move away from California and believe it or not and it is not the most EV friendly state overall. That honor goes to Vermont, where there are 703 residents per EV charger vs. 881 residents per charger in California. Vermont has it a little easier since there are far less residents and has a total of 920 EV chargers vs over 44,000 in California.

Outside of California, the most EV charger friendly city designation goes to Denver Colorado edging out Seattle. Chicago ranked a dismal 29th on the list.

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