Standardization For EV Charging

EV Charging Standardization

Much like electricity is standardized and you can plug your appliances into a standard outlet, the same will be coming to EV charging.  As of now, you need adapters and so forth if you want to charge your vehicle at a non-compatible station and that includes Tesla vehicles when they are not using their own.

"This announcement also includes commitments from companies like Tesla (TSLA), General Motors (GM), and others to build their own interoperable charging stations that would complement the government's system. "These new standards will make it so that you can charge your EV along major highways as easy as you can fill up for gas — no matter what kind of car you drive or what state you’re in,” said White House Infrastructure Coordinator Mitch Landrieu."

In order for companies to utilize federal funding, they will have to standardize charging connectors or make them interoperable, they will also have to standardize payment options and be smartphone friendly. The US standard for charging connectors will be called the Combined Charging System or CCS.  In addition, all chargers that are part of the funding must be built entirely in the United States with at least 50% of the parts coming from the US. 

The announcement was part of a deal with Elon Musk from Tesla, who was supportive of the deal, as well as smaller private commitments  from companies such as TravelCenters of America, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and Starbucks.

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