Building Codes Continue to Evolve

Gas Stoves

Cutting building emissions is not just about eliminating gas stoves as recently suggested in Chicago, it really comes down to building codes.

As an uproar over the future of gas appliances burns hot, it's overshadowing efficiency gains and other benefits states can achieve with building code updates.


States can cut back greenhouse emissions of new buildings by adopting new building codes and municipalities are doing just that with the federal government handing out millions of dollars to do just that. This will be the biggest change in design and construction that the industry has seen in decades.

"The federal Energy Department estimates that if every state adopted the most recent model building codes for commercial and residential properties, it could reduce carbon dioxide pollution by 900 million metric tons by 2040. That’s the equivalent, Balik noted, of taking 195 million gas-powered cars or 227 coal-fired electric plants offline for a year. Overall in the U.S. buildings account for about 13% of carbon emissions."


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