Elon Musk Investigated for Building Code Violations

Twitter Headquarters

San Francisco Is Investigating The Bedrooms Elon Musk Installed At Twitter For Possible Code Violations

“We need to make sure the building is being used as intended,” said Patrick Hannan, the communications director for the department, in a statement. “There are different building code requirements for residential buildings, including those being used for short-term stays.”

In response, "Twitter’s CEO complained about the investigation on his own platform, questioning why the city “attacks companies providing beds for tired employees” when it could prioritize enforcing drug laws instead."

Well Elon, had you consulted with Phase 1, we would have advised you for what you needed to do to set up bedrooms in an office building and as for his response that San Francisco should focus on enforcing drug laws in the city does not mean that you can skirt other laws and regulations. The codes from living spaces versus office spaces are different.

if you have questions about building codes, give us a a call and we will help you avoid costly and time consuming violations.

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