EV Charging Regulations

EV Charging Stations

Although some municipalities are making it easier for EV charging station installations, there are still a myriad of regulations and outdated rules across the United States.

"Improved regulations make it easier for developers to “know what they’re getting into,” said one transportation planner."

"However, a complex web of regulations can make it difficult for local governments to support the installation and operation of EV chargers, as rules vary significantly by city and state. Moreover, many outdated policies remain on the books because policymakers haven’t revisited them since EVs gained a foothold in the car market."

"The construction industry believes EV charging requirements may add extra costs, though Clark noted that installing an EV electrical system during construction costs “pennies on the dollar” compared with installing it after the fact."

Phase One supports planning and building the infrastructure to support EV charging prior to construction.  Plan now and save later should be a mantra when it comes to EV charging for new construction. 

Although some communities are getting up to date with building codes and regulations, there is still a long way to go before standardization in the majority of communities occurs. At Phase 1, we frequently come across the complexities involved municipal requirements and we are here to help you plan and successfully navigate everything from planning to installation.


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