Largest Cellular Tower Companies in the World

Cell Tower Technician

Did you know that Phase 1 works with some of the largest cellular tower companies in the world? Cellular tower companies are a vital part of our infrastructure that we are all utilizing on a daily basis. These towers do more than just you 5G, they also provide services for public safety networks and radio and television as well. 

One of the companies we work with is the largest cellular tower company in the world, American Tower, with over 219,000 towers world wide. Some of the services we provide include permit consulting and expediting, regulatory compliance analysis, zoning analysis, and even site acquisition and leasing services. These services are vital to our infrastructure and allow our world to be a connected place.

Ever wonder what the range of a tower is? 

On average, the maximum usable range of a cell tower is 25 miles. While the typical coverage radius of a cell tower is 1 to 3 miles and in dense urban environments, a cell tower usually reaches 0.25 miles to 1 mile before handing off a user’s connection to another nearby cell site.

Placement of these towers is vital as calls get handed off from one tower to the next. The spectrum being used also matters. For example, LTE range is typically 2 - 4 miles while 5G is 1 - 3 miles but offers dramatically improved data speed and throughput and this is why the growth in 5G tower placements is drving this market. 

Here are the Top 10 Cell Tower companies in the world:

Tower Company Operating Regions Towers
American Tower Global 219226
Indus Towers India 185447
Summit Digitel Infrastructure India 151000
Cellnex Telecom Pan-Europe (12 Countries) 102712
BSNL Tower Corporation India 74000
edotco Group (Axiata Group) Pan-Asia (9 Countries) 50251
Vantage Towers Pan-Europe (8 Countries) 45700
Reliance Infratel India 43000
Crown Castle United States 40159
IHS Holding Africa, Latin America, Middle East 38975
SBA Communications United States, LatAm, Africa 36017


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