The EV Race is On

EV Go Charging Stations

“Finding sites is a challenge,” he continued. “Then, once you find the sites, you have to go through permitting.”

There are a myriad of requirements that tend to differ with nearly every government agency although some are streamlining the requirements. A lot of focus has leaned towards California due to their 2035 mandate of only electric vehicles being sold in the state but there will also be considerable EV charging installations nationally due to government funding. 

According to Utility Drive, "Building out nationwide EV charging is taking longer than consumers think, Fuels Institute says. Permit approvals, government funding and knowing where to deploy charging stations are some of the many hurdles EV stakeholders face." Learn more here.

Are you sure about the EV permitting process? Need help with building codes and even equipment placement, Phase 1 can help.


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