Wait times for building permits in SF stretches into years

Why use Phase 1 for your permitting needs?

With wait times for building permits in some municipalities stretching into years, you cannot afford to not get it right the first time around. Delays on projects add to the overall cost of construction and should be avoided whenever possible.

In San Francisco, permits for multifamily projects are taking almost two years to complete. 

"Analysis: Average multifamily permit takes 627 days, single-family home 861 days"

"That’s not counting the year or longer that some developers take to clear an earlier stage of planning approval before applying for building permits." 

In Denver,  "...the planning department says it should take permit staff four weeks to complete an initial review, actual initial review times averaged 11 weeks in late July. They grew to nearly 15 weeks as of Oct. 10, according to a city dashboard that tracks the most recent 90 days’ worth of data and resubmittal reviews are taking another 14 weeks on average. Just since mid-summer, the total time it takes to win permit approval has increased by 20%, from nearly 34 weeks to 40 weeks."

In Chicago, the process is more efficient but still takes an average of about 6 to 8 weeks to obtain a building permit for multi-family housing projects providing everything is in order and the application is completed correctly. 

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