Department of Transportation

$2.5 Billion Available For EV Charging

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has opened up the application process for $2.5 Billion in funding for the Infrastructure Discretionary Grant Program.

The funds will be available to cities, counties, regional governments, and Indian reservation lands over a 5 year period.  The money will help deploy EV chargers, hydrogen fuel stations and other reduced-emissions systems near their residents although hydrogen fuel stations have not received a lot of attention. 

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Construction AI

AI In Construction?

Construction is an industry faced with rising costs, labor issues, material issues, and in need of solutions that improve razor thin margins. Could AI be the solution?

By now, most of us have heard of the latest going on in artificial intelligence or AI. Recently, a group of reporters were invited to try a developmental version of Microsoft's Bing driven by AI. The new search technology, based on ChatGpt, had some surprising results including suggesting that one reporter leave his wife.

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EV Trends

Three EV Trends To Watch

Here are some trends in the ever evolving EV field with most of them being driven by federal investment. 

1. It has been a record year for opening of EV related plants in the United States with manufacturers announcing $73 Billion in planned projects for 2023 according to NPR. This huge investment shows confidence in the ever growing EV market. 

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Tesla EV Charger

Latest in EV Charging

Tesla announced a new program to allow charging of non-Tesla vehicles using a magic dock connector and other vehicles can officially start fueling up at Tesla Supercharger stations in the US. After the federal government announced new standards, Tesla waisted no time in moving forward. The company expects to enable charging at 3500 level 3 stations by 2024 and an additional 4,000 level 2 stations.

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