EV charging growing pains.

EV Charging Growing Pains

I was an earlier adopter of electric vehicles and owned a Tesla when they first arrived on the scene. The buying experience was done completely online aside from delivery that took place at a physical dealership. The vehicle had a pick up and go that just could not be matched by a conventional gas powered car and it was exciting to let the car drive itself. Then winter came...

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BP EV Charger

BP Adds To Their EV Charging Network

BP purchased TravelCenters of America for $1.3 Billion in cash for approximately 280 fuel, convenience, and restaurant centers in the United States. 

This deal expands BP's network of EV charging stations as the centers have been rapidly adding EV charging stations. TravelCenters of American has been expanding its network in part through a partnership with Electrify America LLC aimed at rolling out another 1,000 fast chargers.

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Earthquake damage

Chicago and Earthquakes

The stories coming out of Turkey are horrendous and are weighing on the hearts and minds of peopel around the world. The sad reality is that more stringent building codes, enforcement, and improved construction methods could have made a significant impact.

Amongst the failings include President Erdogan who personally oversaw an amnesty program that forgave poor construction practices. All of this has lead to a monumental disaster that has taken a massive toll on human lives. There are reasons for building codes and building code enforcement and it is not just about generating revenue, it is for the safety of our citizens. 

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Cell Tower Technician

Largest Cellular Tower Companies in the World

Did you know that Phase 1 works with some of the largest cellular tower companies in the world? Cellular tower companies are a vital part of our infrastructure that we are all utilizing on a daily basis. These towers do more than just you 5G, they also provide services for public safety networks and radio and television as well. 

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