EV Chargers

EV Charging Basics

Electric vehicles (EVs) are quickly gaining popularity as a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly mode of transportation. As more people switch to EVs, the need for convenient and accessible EV charging stations also increases. In this blog post, we’ll explore the basics of EV charging, the different types of chargers, and the importance of having a robust charging infrastructure.

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EV Charging

Global EV Charging Infrastructure to Reach $121 Billion by 2030

According to report from Grand View Research, the global EV charging infrastructure is expected to grow to $121.09 billion by 2030.

Growth in the segment is being driven heavily by government subsidies, new EPA emission standards, EV adoption by consumers looking to lower cost of ownership and increasing fuel costs to name a few. All of this is driving growth in the EV charging infrastructure segment. 

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Chicago Multi-residential construction

Alliance Takes Top Multi-Residential Developer Spot

Alliance Residential had 13,480 units in 2022 which unseated Greystar to take the top multi-residential firm in the United States. Greystar performed well but not well enough in 2022 with 3,000 less units, coming in at 11,351 unit starts.

Overall, 2022 was a an exceptional year for multi-residential developers with 533,200 units starting construction. According to the the US Census Bureau, this is a 15.4% increase over 2021. Greystar was one of the few multi-residential developers to actually show a decrease in units overall, 

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